French Roulette

French Roulette the Grandfather of Gambling Games. The granddaddy of all gambling games, French Roulette, is now available for playing fun. Net Entertainment Productions offer this complex, exciting casino table game for all players in the world to play for free.

The French invented the game of roulette, and roulette is French for little wheel. Everyone enjoys putting a chip on a number and having the croupier spin the wheel throwing the marble in the opposite direction, and when gravity has halted the action of the marble it cascades down to the still revolving little wheel below and hops and skips until coming to rest on a number between 0-36.

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Rules of French Roulette

The complete rules for playing French Roulette would require an entire book to fully explain and being able to speak French wouldn’t hurt either. Anyone visiting a casino when on vacation in Europe needs to know how to play this enchanting, wonderful game because the odds are very fair, almost even. If you’ve played American Roulette in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, you’ll be delighted to know one major difference between the French and American version is that the American version has a zero (0) and also a double zero (00) which puts the odds of winning in favor of playing the French version. With a little study and practice, playing the online versions of American and French Roulette, provided on, will give the online player the knowledge and tools to be successful at this exciting game. Truly everyone can learn to play this fascinating granddaddy of all gambling games.

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The betting falls into the same two categories as the American version. There are inside bets and outside bets. You can bet on a favorite number and then place side bets on the color (red or black), or odds and even, or split a bet between two, three or four numbers. What is most important about this granddaddy of games is that it is friendly to play. For example, play your favorite number and then play a color combined with an odd or even bet. Your number may not be coming up soon but with every spin, you have a chance to win back on one or two of your outside bets. Keep on playing until your number hits and take your winnings, tip the croupier with a chip and say merci; you’ll feel like James Bond breaking the bank at the Casino Royale.

Play French Roulette with Real Money in the internet

If you vacation plans don’t include Paris or Monaco, you can enjoy playing this French Roulette game for free or for real money and real fun in the comfort of home with Sunmaker. You don’t need to speak a word of French, just electronically move your chips to the playing surface, take your time, there is no time limit. When you are ready, hit the spin button. You’ll enjoy this real wheel of fortunes game, where it’s easy to come away a winner.