Low Roller Roulette

Roulett playing beginner? No problem, here is your online source for low roller roulette playing. Low means here, that you bets are of low value. With this game right here your are able to learn the rules and play without any risks before you start with real money roulette.

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Rules of Low Roller Roulette

The game of Roulette has been a top table game for more than three centuries. It offers a complex and interesting variety of bets as well as the 35 times if your lucky number comes up. While playing in a casino requires knowledge of the game and a specific vocabulary, these grueling requirements are not necessary when playing on-line. The game is centered on the “little wheel” which in French is Roulette.The bet minimum might be 0,10 Cents minimum and 50 Euro maximum. But the High Roller are not better then the Low Roller there are only more cautious.The wheel slowly spins, and a steel marble is thrown around the top of the wheel in the opposite direction until gravity causes the ball to drop down and be captured by one of the 37 numbers on the wheel.

While the action of the marble and the wheel is compelling, the variety of bets available is what makes roulette the greatest of all casino games. The betting is divided into two divisions. There are “inside” bets, number bets made on the layout which includes singles, splits, streets or corners. A player makes these bets by placing the chip either directly on the number he wants to play, or he may place it between any two numbers, or place it alongside any of the rows of three columns, or at an intersection of any four numbers on the layout. Playing on-line is a great way to accustom yourself to the complex rules of the game and a chance to formulate your own personal betting strategy. The “outside” bets are red or black, odds or evens, 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. There are convenient boxes available for bets just outside the 0-36 numbers (inside). The game is complicated and also the most fun you’ll ever have gambling in your life.

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In a casino, the dealer or croupier has control of the layout, and there are times when hands need to be away from the playing area but the electronic game is easier to play, and there is no time limit. On the layout of this particular game adjacent to the inside and outside betting areas is an area for placing bets on “orphans” and the “serie 5/8” and “serie 023”. These more sophisticated sequences of numbers offer more opportunities for fun and profit.

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Roulette is the game which offers great suspense while the wheel is turning and the marble is spinning, falling, searching out a landing area to provide winnings. When the player has a chance to win 35 times the initial bet, you know that the level of excitement is high around the wheel and the table. If you are ready for more exciting bets, try the high roller roulette. Plug your computer into your big screen TV, mix some drinks, have some friends over to play and the fun is guaranteed.