Magic Roulette

Leader in online gaming and gambling has teamed up with the electronic wizards from Merkur to introduce a fun and exciting magic roulette game. All the games offered by can be played for free, and there are dozens to choose from.

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Rules of Magic Roulette

The game is called Magic Roulette. It is a simplified version of that alluring casino game with the giant spinning wheel and that captivating bouncing ball. Roulette wheels are the focal points at casinos throughout the world, and the game is a favorite of professional gamblers, but the average player can be confused by the complexities of roulette. This game is a smaller version of roulette with more opportunities to win. Play the game once and you’ll end up wanting to play for hours. Here is how the game of Magic Roulette works: select one of the 13 numbers shown on the playing field. There are 12 numbers in red and black and one number, 0 in green. The zero number usually pays the house but in this magic game, you can wager and win on 0. Place your bets; each chip has the value of your minimum bet. For example, you bet $1. on 5 and then decide to play the 0; now your total bet is $2. and the fun begins. Win or lose each spin gives the player the opportunity to clear all bets (look for the croupier’s stick) by pushing a button. You can let your bets ride or select new bets for every spin of the Magic Roulette wheel. This game has been created by the computer engineers at Mercury to be great fun for every player.

Magic Roulette

The music accompanying the game maintains the player’s interest while the soft soothing green of the background felt is a good contrast to the numbers in red and black. While the game seems simple enough, what is important is the opportunities to win. You could play eight different numbers in the game and still win a dollar. Some players like to play numbers which are adjacent; other prefer to scatter numbers so that every spin offers a good chance to win.

Win at Magic Roulette and you will have a chance to double, quadruple or even win more by playing the ladder game, where you push a button and boxes with two amounts on either side of your winning amount begin flashing. If you win the higher amount like on high roller roulette, you can take your winnings, or you can go on and push the button to select one of the two flashing boxes, with the upper box you win more, the other one you win less. But don’t be greedy, because you can lose the entire amount of your winnings.

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