Chat Roulette – updates on roulette chat

thanks a lot for all your interessting comments on the post ChatRoulette.
It seems like there is quiet a huge public interest on this topic. Therefor i will go on writing about the chat roulette.
Some things have change in the roulette chat:
+ new website layout
+ new rules like you have to be 16 or older to use the service
+ another great new rule is to have clothes on Read More …

Roulette Gambling Tipps and Tricks

One way win strategy: Try to start with small bets. When you win, boost the betting stepwise

Roulette online gaming tips

as you win risking only a calculated amount of your wins. Put no limit to winnings as long as profit is raising.

Set your target profit levels backwards: It is easier to fulfil a target level backwards (as profit recedes) than forward. The danger of forward profit targeting is that you can get close to it, and then lose the lot. Backward profit level targeting is more suitable on low risk/win ratio betting systems, so you risk a little to win a lot but you win fewer times. Thus when devising your system you should aim to win more money with fewer bets and in fewer winning spins, rounds, hands or cues. Positive stepwise betting is one way to achieve that. This is a more efficient way to bet and gives you more flexibility in managing your winnings.

Approach gambling realistic: You cant force a winning outcome and dont expect to win every time! Decide on a plan that lets you play in sessions or intervals, closing each session once certain criteria are met, and do not aim to win each one of them. What matters is the overall result.

Pocket winnings: Keep your winnings as you win and continue playing only with your principal bankroll. Once your principal bankroll is gone, count your pocketed winnings and continue playing only with half of any excess you have, that is, play with half of your net win (your winnings less your original bankroll). For example, if you start with 200 dollars, pocket winnings as you play and keep playing from your original amount. Once the 200 dollars are gone, if your pocketed winnings are $240, continue playing only with half the surplus, $20 (240-200=40/2=20).

Know when to stop: Before or during any game, tell yourself you are going to win and stay focused on the Task of winning your games. Just being positive will alter your winnings a little. And if you get hot or cold, dont get cocky or start to think everything is over for you. Just refresh and devise a good strategy that works for you personally. One that has been successful in the past will be in the future also. And most importantly, know when to stop, keep ur winnings.